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Calming Care 3 System

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Human Test Results

Result of the human test shows that there was significant
reduction (p<0.05) in papule count and sebumeter value by applying test material within 1~2 weeks
* KFDA-licensed tester Ellead Co., Ltd of Korea

Product instructions for different skin types

Oily Skin (forehead, cheeks, chin, scalp or back skin)

Extremely-dry and atopic skin (elbows and knees, back of ears, and dry areas of body)

Extra- sensitive skin type (Please, be aware of each usage for different skin conditions)

Corneous and Dry skin
(effective removal of horny tissues and improvement of dryness in the skin, especially during dry winter times)

Troubled skin caused by nail scratch or other injuries may turn red when using Calming Care, but it naturally disappears.

· Extracted from 9 fresh organic herbs
· Creative extracting method found in traditional tea-making recipe of Korea
· Certified as 'Well-being' material by KMAR
  (Korea Management Association Registrations and Assessments Inc.)

Jeju Citrus Essential Oil


Fermented Phellinus Linteus in Calming Care-Herb Tea

  • Essential Oil distilled and refined out of Jeju citrons that is patented as skin trouble care material – (Registered No.: 0553330 and 10-0663981)
  • Used in Fresh Solution that is complete human-test- proven by KFDA-licensed tester Ellead Co., Ltd.

  • Phellinus Linteus ripened and fermented in the Calming care-Herb Tea
  • Highly effective Nano particles for dryness care
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